Monday, December 1, 2008

the wild life here

Life here at Casa 09 is different than it was in Multicentro Apt 311. Aside from the regular smog that entered our rooms and the constant noise from the six lane thoroughfare, there are other things here that are different. We hear birds. There's no loud music that carries on until 7 AM. We know the landlords by name, not by bank account number. We have a remote control for the front gate. But a few other things:

Claire & I wander out regularly to check on this guy. He has a shorter, greener friend about two-thirds his size that lives in the same tree.

This is Mr. Whitelegs. He and Mr. Brownlegs fight over our sugar water supply. Occasionally either Mr. B or Mr. W will enter our apartment, scope the place out, and return to the outdoors.

For a while there was a family of cats living in the woodpile under the tree that the iguanas live in. They have since moved on. I will note here though that iguanas do not eat cats; iguanas are herbivores if you can believe that.

We see these birds all over, and this was the first time I could dash in to grab the camera. We only see them in pairs, and never more than 20 feet from each other. When I got closer after this picture, one left and the other followed to an adjacent tree branch.


Sergio en Colombia said...

that cat picture is fantastic! (and you know how i feel about those things...)

Nate said...

Sweet, I wish we had iguanas...